Due Diligence and Internal Control Analysis
January 9, 2023

The United States District Court for the District of New Mexico Recently Released the Transcript of Status Conference

Mr. Darryl Neier, Managing Member of DLG Consulting and Advisory Services, stated that as the EFIT Administrator, he was honored to have participated and testified at theStatus Conference held before The Honorable James O. Browing, United States District Judge for the District of New Mexico on December 6, 2022 (Doc. 973). Also appearing and testifying were members of the United States Attorney’s Office, District of New Mexico, United States Department of Justice, The City of Albuquerque, Court Appointed Monitor, Albuquerque Police Officer’s Association, and various Amici Groups. The day long hearing was to present the Court Appointed Monitor Report IMR 16 (

UnitedStates Department of Justice, Deputy Chief Paul Killebrew stated “From DOJ's perspective, the big headline for today is APD has made a significant gain in achieving full compliance with the consent decree in this case. And it is worth stepping back to just look at where that put us in the overall life of this case” (Page 16 Para. 12).

Court-appointedIndependent Monitor James Ginger stated “The mentoring, coaching, and oversight provided to APD by EFIT continues to result in industry standard practices and to produce industry standard results in the force investigations that we reviewed this reporting period. Again, that's a significant change in what we've seen in the past.” (Page 62 Para. 17).

“We are making significant progress due to the resolve of some of the most dedicated professionals I have had the privilege of working with.” said Mr. Neier. 

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