Due Diligence and Internal Control Analysis
August 5, 2022

External Force Investigation Team (“EFIT”): Fourth Quarterly Report

The EFIT Executive Team is pleased to report that, pursuant to the established protocols23 (See Ex. E) to begin to transition IAFD Detective/Investigators to conduct interviews without EFIT’s direct supervision, 11 IAFD personnel are progressing through the Phases of the system that will ultimately lead to an IAFD Detective/Investigators conducting UOF investigations without direct supervision of EFIT.

Again, once a Detective/Investigator is identified by an EFIT Investigator, Supervisor or Executive Team Member, as attaining the requisite capabilities to conduct interviews without EFIT’s direct supervision, the EFIT Executive Team will make a determination that the IAFD Detective/Investigator may conduct interviews and the following process will be followed:

The EFIT Administrator and/or Deputy Administrator will notify APD Superintendent of Police Reform (“Superintendent”), IAFD Division Commander and Deputy Chief(s) (within the chain of command), along with the IMT and DOJ of the IAFD Detective/Investigator deemed qualified to commence the transition process and will document this decision.

The Lead Supervisor will arrange a meeting with the IAFD Detective/Investigator and IAFD Supervisor, to inform them of the decision, review the phased approach and document the meeting.

The Lead Supervisor will inform the EFIT Supervisors who in turn will notify the EFIT Teams of the IAFD Detective/Investigator in the transition process.

If at any time during a transition phase the EFIT Executive Team believes that the IAFD Detective/Investigator needs to remain in the phase longer, or remedial action is required, the reasons will be documented and provided to the Superintendent, Deputy Chief(s) and IAFD Commander. Examples of remedial action include, but are not limited to, coaching by EFIT staff, the Detective/Investigator remaining in a phase for an extended period of time and such other actions as determined by EFIT.

EFIT Fourth Quarterly Report.pdf

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