Due Diligence and Internal Control Analysis
May 16, 2022

External Force Investigation Team (“EFIT”): Third Quarterly Report

Pursuant to the relevant documents, EFIT is on call 24/7 and must respond to all call outs within one hour of notification. All Use of Force (“UOF”) investigations must be completed within 60 days with an additional 30-day supervisory review period for a total of 90 days from start to finish. Pursuant to the Amended Stipulated Order, EFIT must conduct joint investigations with APD Internal Affairs Force Division (“IAFD”) of all Level 2 and Level 3 UOF incidents – this includes all Tactical Deployments where UOF is utilized.

EFIT must also assist APD with training concerning the UOF. The EFIT Executive Team worked with APD IAFD to establish a detailed IA Investigative Process Narrative2 that governs the response protocols to any Level 2 and 3 UOF cases.3 These documents are the basis for EFIT to evaluate IAFD.

EFIT Third Quarterly Report.pdf

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